Man finds a necklace in the sea containing ashes with the word ‘Mom’ written on it

We all have our own ways of remembering loved ones; some hold a special item of theirs close to their hearts while others may take comfort in a photograph.

And then there are those that keep the person’s ashes with them.

When one man was out enjoying the sun and water at Siesta Key beach in Florida he found something that he desperately wants to find the owner of.

Shawn Rauch found a necklace full of ashes with the word “Mom” written on it.


I was neck deep in the water at siesta key last night and found someone’s mother’s ashes on a necklace. Share this and help me find the owner!!

Gepostet von Shawn Rauch am Montag, 27. Mai 2019

Shawn, from Sarasota, is a metal detector and was “neck deep in the water” when he found the necklace.

The silver ball with heart shapes and the word “Mom” written on it is on a silver chain.

He’s now hoping the power of social media will help reunite the precious object with its rightful owner.

Found wedding rings and a Rolex

A picture of the necklace posted on a Facebook page has already been shared 46,000 times so far.

Shawn tells News Channel 8 he’s been metal detecting for six years and has never found a necklace of ashes before but has found and returned other jewelry to people, including wedding rings and a Rolex watch.

If you recognize the necklace in the photo, contact Shawn on his Facebook page.

There is nothing stopping this young man from keeping all his valuable finds but instead he does all he can to track down the rightful owner. What a credit he is to the metal detecting community.

Please share and help Shawn locate the owner of this precious piece of jewelry.