Man hands Mcdonald’s manager a bag; she looks inside and immediately alerts police

This is a story of a woman whose quick-thinking actions led to the arrest of a suspect in connection with a string of killings in her area.

Delonda Walker is the general manager of a McDonald’s in Tampa, Florida, but thanks to her bravery one day, a dangerous man is off the streets.


Nearly 50 days after the first murder in a string of serial killings, it was Delonda’s tip that led authorities to identifying and locating the suspect.

Delonda’s coworker asked her to hold a fast-food bag for him before leaving the restaurant. Delonda, acting on a hunch, opened the food bag and saw a semiautomatic pistol.

She bravely alerted a police officer who was nearby the restaurant and the tip was enough for police to bring the suspect in for questioning. He was arrested later that day and is accused of killing Benjamin Mitchell, 22; Monica Hoffa, 32; Anthony Naiboa, 19; and Robert Felton, 60.

Now, authorities have announced Delonda will receive the entire $110,000 reward for her tip, though she says “receiving a reward never entered my mind.”

“I went to work on Tuesday intending to serve customers and do my job,” she said. “The day turned out very differently. When confronted with this situation, I wanted to do the right thing and I reached out to a nearby police officer.”

Find out more about this remarkable story and Delonda’s bravery in the video below.

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