Man spots teenage boy acting very strangely and questions him; you won’t believe his response

Sometimes situations can leave you puzzled but the majority of us continue on our way and choose not to get involved. Not Randy Jones though. When he spotted a strange occurrence on a scorching hot day in Oklahoma, he just couldn’t walk by.

Randy was outside marking warning signs for construction work when he spotted a teenage boy holding on to the pole of a stop sign without any shade or water. It was a site he just couldn’t ignore.



Facebook/Randy Jones

Randy had to ask the teen what he was doing; it was too odd a scene to ignore. Not only was it out of the ordinary but the temperature had hit 95 degrees.

“I was like ‘what in the world is this kid doing,'” he told News 9.

The reply Randy got from him, a 17-year-old boy called Logan, left him floored.

Logan explained to Randy that he had noticed that the stop sign had been knocked down. In addition, he also almost witnessed a car accident because of it.

Not wanting anyone to get hurt, Logan picked up the stop sign during his lunch break from work. He then stood there holding it in position so that drivers could safely cross over the intersection.

Randy was so impressed by the young man’s actions and how quick he was to step into action during the potentially dangerous situation. He said, “Not a lot of people would do what he did. To have the awareness to know to get out and help, it’s pretty cool.”


Randy immediately contacted the City of Oklahoma City, who then sent a truck out to fix the stop sign. He also shared a photo he had taken of Logan holding up the sign on Facebook, sharing the story of such an impressive young man.

Randy’s post has been shared more than 3,500 times. Many people have been expressing their appreciation and kind words for what a great job Logan did.

Randy said in his post, “Hopefully this gets back to this young man, you did a good job and I’m sure the citizens of the city of Oklahoma city appreciate it as well.”

Find out more about more about young Logan in the video below.

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