Man survives car wreck injuries and five days without food and water – ‘We believe in miracles’

When Jose Velazquez failed to return home after a night out with friends, a search was launched.

But, as days passed fear and dread set in for his loved-ones who started to lose hope that Jose would be found alive.



The 32-year-old from Houston, Texas had been drinking with friends and his fiancée, Chanel Nelson.

The next day Jose’s family got in touch with Chanel in a panic to say that he’d failed to turn up to work and they couldn’t find him, according to KTRK.

A search was initiated and as the days passed his family became more and more anxious.

Just when all hope was lost, volunteers searching a wooded area near a highway spotted a car buried under dense foliage.

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NOTHING BUT GOD: Earlier this week my colleague @charlyabc13 spoke to the fiancée of missing Jose Velasquez. Tuesday night after drinks with his fiancée he left the bar and was NOT seen again. They feared the worst. There was no sign of him anywhere. Today the bumper of the car he was driving was spotted near 1488 and 242 in Montgomery County. Searches from @txeqorg started to yell for the man. He responded. He was ALIVE. Curled next to his car, dehydrated and injured. But I’m told he spoke, and was alert. He was taken to the hospital and hours later the car was finally pulled out. It was buried 100 yards deep in the woods. Covered in mud, a big spider crawling out.. smashed. Unrecognizable. This man survived THIS crash… then nearly 6 days alone in the woods, hurt, with nothing. I can only imagine what it felt like as a loved one to get that call that he’s okay. Reminder to always pray and trust god in situations. • • • • #faithstory#miracle#miraclestory#survival#surviving#trust#pray

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Shocked that they had discovered Jose’s car, they were nervous to find that Jose wasn’t inside the car, in fact he was lying next to it.

In the crash Jose had been thrown from his car and had managed to crawl back toward it, finally stopping at the driver-side door.

‘We believe in miracles’

Despite broken ribs and a collapsed lung, he had survived five days outside with no food or water. His survival left everyone, including medical experts, shocked.

Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch, which helped in the rescue said, “I don’t know how he [survived] the initial wreck, let alone as bad as he was injured five days later … to still be alive … that’s why we do what we do. We believe in miracles and here was one today.”

Jose’s survival is a miracle and we’re so glad he can now be reunited with his family. Apparently he requested juice boxes and a sonic meal when he was found, which I’m sure tasted amazing after such an ordeal.

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