Man undos strange motion detector in bedroom – looks closer and realizes scary truth

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Like many others are increasingly doing, the man had opted to rent someone else’s house for his vacation through a rental service.

This is often a cheaper and easier alternative than booking an expensive hotel — and it definitely has its advantages, such as making you feel like you’re more of a local when you travel.

But it also has its disadvantages.

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Unfortunately, not all landlords are completely innocent.

An increasing number of stories have begun to emerge about hidden cameras being placed in rooms being rented out.

This traveler was well aware of these stories.

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When the man arrived in the room he’d rented through a popular rental service, he noticed a motion detector in the bedroom.

He thought it was a bit odd that it was the only detector in the apartment, so he decided to take a closer look.

That’s when he discovered something shocking.

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When the man looked behind the motion detector, he found that a IP camera was concealed inside.

The camera, in turn, was connected to the internet.

Someone could basically sit and spy on guests who rented out the room!

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The man left the room in the middle of the night. He later advised the agency through which he’d booked the room about what had happened, received a refund, and the apartment’s owner was suspended from the site.

But it is still a new, scary trend — as more and more people are discovering.

The man’s colleague, Jason Scott, decided to share the story Twitter to warn the public.

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The colleague’s warning has been shared tens of thousands of times — with several people noting similar horror stories.

Even if it’s unusual, it’s always wise to err on the side of caution and carefully examine the room you check into. For example, take a good look at any suspicious-looking electronics by turning on your camera phone’s flashlight, which can create a reflection on a camera lens that may be hidden beneath a device.

How unpleasant!! But I think it’s important to help share this warning on Facebook, so that the same experience not befall someone you know!

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