Manager demands doctor’s note from worker with injured foot, only for request to backfire when doctor hands over paper

Having an understanding and emphatic manager is something that should be a given but not all of us are lucky enough.

Some have the misfortune to work for a boss who only cares about making money and doesn’t care about the person and any issues they may be dealing with privately.

For one cafe worker in the U.S. she found the perfect solution to dealing with a boss who insisted she spend all day on her feet running up and down stairs when she was suffering with an injured ankle.



According to her post on social media forum Reddit, the user  r / MaliciousCompliance  said she had slipped on some oil and injured her ankle to the point where it was swollen and throbbing.

“It looked I was hiding a pair of golf balls under my sock and (it was) turning a deep shade of purple.”

Can’t sit down without a doctors note? Okay then! from MaliciousCompliance

Wanted to work anyway

The injured worker was worried about working her next shift which started in less than 24 hours and asked her boss if she could work the register instead of waiting three floors.

Despite having a swollen, blue ankle this conscientious worker still wanted to honor her shift.

But when she made her proposal to her boss, she was met with a response she wasn’t expecting.

“I was wrong. Manager insisted that he wouldn’t sign off on me having a chair without a signed doctors note verifying my injury.”

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The doctor did something nice

As her general practitioner was closed she had to go to a 24 hour walk-in clinic where she was x-rayed and examined.

The doctor told the woman to ice it and keep all the weight off it for at least a week. Then, wear a brace for another two weeks.

Then the doctor gave her a sick note explaining she shouldn’t be at work at all for the next seven days.

“Funny enough, I was never asked to produce a doctor’s note again for the rest of the time I worked there,” writes the woman on Reddit .

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Luckily, doctors are on our side. Please share to motivate others who do not dare to report sickness to their unsympathetic bosses.