Manager gives homeless woman the shoes off his feet – witness then rewards him for his kindness

This coronavirus crisis has brought home even more how important it is to help others.

Homeless people don’t have a choice whether to stay home and stay safe, they are our most vulnerable citizens.

When a woman in need stopped outside a Popeyes, in Little Rock, Arkansas, customer Shelly Henard was inside buying her son food.

Facebook / Shelly Henard

Seeing the manager walk out to the homeless lady, Shelly thought he was going to ask her to leave but instead he gave her food.

If that wasn’t enough the manager Mikel Williams then took the shoes off his feet and also handed them to the woman.

“I honestly thought he was going to tell her to leave his property,” she told news.

“I saw him take his very own shoes off and give them to her and he was standing there in his socks,” she said.

“I said ‘what are you going to do for shoes’ and he said ‘well I have some old ones in my car’ and I said ‘why didn’t you give her those’ and he said ‘because she needs them more than I do.’”

‘It was amazing. I will never forget it’

Shelley was so moved by Mikel’s kindness she shared the story on social media and started a fundraiser to repay his generous act.

Facebook / Shelly Henard

“It was amazing. I will never forget it,” said Shelley who raised $500 for Mikel after finding out he’d had his phone stolen.

“It’s just normal. We do stuff like that all the time. It’s not for recognition or to get something out of it. It’s just normal,” Mikel Williams told news.

“I wanna say thank you thank you,” Williams said of what Shelley did for him.

This man is an inspiration to us all!

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