Marines get ready to graduate, then perform flawless trick drill that is mesmerizing

It’s not enough that these brave Marines are set to graduate but they’ve also learned an amazing drill set to wow the audience.

We can only guess how tough this training is and only 600 drill instructors are responsible for training 20,000 recruits at Parris Island, South Carolina. In this case, the drill instructor was determined that his platoon would go out in style.

Thank goodness someone was there to record it all, it really is quite a show!


EDI Sgt. Justin Wagner posted the video of his Marines marching online and explained, “These were Marines on what we call ‘Marine Week,’ which is the week of graduation (after the Crucible, which makes them Marines)… We had a few extra minutes so I taught them that on the fly. The 5060 (Drill & Ceremonies Manual) specifically says that Trick Drill may be taught once they master all standard drill movements… Semper Fi.”

They’d already learned their Initial and Final drills, so Sgt. Wagner felt they were ready for the Monkey Drill. He starts leading them and what follows is very special.


These elite drill instructors are entrusted with a 238-year legacy to transform their recruits into the next generation of marines; and this drill shows the kind of discipline they’ve learnt during their training.

Watch this amazing Monkey Drill in the video below.

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