Metallica pledges more than half a million dollars to help fight Australia’s bushfires

As more heartbreaking images of the devastating bushfires raging through Australia hit us, we all feel pretty helpless watching from afar.

Thankfully, many of those in privileged positions are donating much-needed funds to help the crisis.

Stars from the world of music and movies have come together to pledge their support including Nicole Kidman, Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie alongside pop stars Kylie Minogue and Kacey Musgraves. Elton John even ended his concert in Sydney by announcing his pledge of $1 million.

Now rock legends Metallica have announced their support with a pledge of over half a million dollars to New South Wales (NSW) Rural Fire Service (RFS) and the Victoria Country Fire Authority.

AP Photo/Marco Ugarte

“We are totally overwhelmed by the news of the wildfires sweeping through millions of acres across Australia, with major impact in New South Wales and Victoria,” the band said in a Facebook post.

“The resulting destruction and devastating effects on all residents, animals, the environment and the incredible land in Australia is truly heartbreaking.

“NSW RFS is the world’s largest volunteer firefighting organization and all funds donated during this State of Emergency are directed toward services related to and victims of these particularly destructive Australian bushfires.”

The fires, which officials have warned could burn for months, have killed 28 people, more than 500 million animals and destroyed more than 2,400 homes.

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