Mini cowgirl steps on stage to perform, then reveals huge hidden talent to a shocked crowd

Little Ezrah Noelle stepped onto an Oklahoma City stage  to the sounds of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs.’ The crowd was immediately in love with the adorable mini cowgirl.

Yet little did they know the huge talent she was about to showcase and the confident performance they were about to witness.



The audience was immediately glued to Ezrah at the Centennial Rodeo Opry as she starts belting out the lyrics of “Cowboy Sweetheart,” but they have no idea she has another talent.

Ezrah’s performance keeps getting better and better and the crowd’s excitement builds as they realize there is a mini professional before them.

But she isn’t done yet. Ezrah has a special talent that goes beyond just singing and dancing. There’s more to her performance than just  belting out country songs.

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Ezrah then starts to yodel and the crowd goes wild! It’s, without a doubt, the most impressive part of her performance.

Since her appearance at the Centennial Rodeo Opry in OKC’s Stockyards City, the talented singer has gone on to perform at Branson, Missouri, at the famous Silver Dollar City. She also has competed with her dance team and has even appeared on the popular TV show Little Big Shots.

Watch her captivating performance in the video below, Please share with your friends and family so more people can see this incredible talent.