Mom asks officer for advice on homelessness; then she sees inside her car and is heartbroken

Most of us moms would do anything to keep our children safe, warm, fed and with a roof over their heads. But in one mom’s case she couldn’t do this for her children and had to take drastic measures.

In her desperation she turned to a police officer who was passing the parking lot of her kids’ school in Michigan and asked her legal advice about sleeping in her car. Police Sgt Heather Kolke was puzzled by her question and then takes a look inside her car.


Sgt. Kolke had a hunch that this mom might be in trouble and pressed her for more information. When she looked inside the mom’s car she realized the heartbreaking truth of this woman’s situation.

Erin Harrison and her eight-year-old twin daughters were homeless, after being evicted because they couldn’t afford the rising rent prices, and had nowhere else to go.

Erin, who worked tirelessly at McDonald’s, told the officer that she and her girls were having to sleep in their car outside the school so they wouldn’t have any issues getting to class the next day.

She was hoping to save money by sleeping in the school parking lot until she could afford long-term housing. She also told the officer that her daughters Hayden and Abbigale were turning nine years old the next day and she wouldn’t be able to do anything special for their birthdays.


Sgt Kolke knew she had to do something immediately to help this needy family. “As a mom, I knew I had to get her a place to stay,” Sgt. Kolke wrote.

The big-hearted officer started to make a few calls to her friends and the community around her and soon she’d organized a night in a hotel room, money towards a long-term home and the icing on the cake: a birthday party for the girls.

Watch this wonderful story of a community reaching out to help this family in the video below.

This was such a heartwarming act of kindness that started with one small gesture and ended in something great.

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