Mom breaks down as son, 14, walks across stage; reason why will leave you open-mouthed

Any parent will tell you that when their child graduates from college it’s up there as one of their proudest moments.

When Carson Huey graduated from Texas Christian University, in Fort Worth, his mom had more reason to both celebrate and be amazed and the reason will leave you open-mouthed.

At just 14-years-old Carson Huey is the youngest of over 2,000 recent graduates from the university.

Always humble, Carson sees himself as a “normal” despite making the history books as the youngest ever to graduate from college.

Carson intends on getting graduate and doctorate degrees in quantum mechanics. “I’m a normal dude,” he told the Star-telegram. “It is just something I have learned to deal with because to me I am not a genius. I am a normal 14-year-old person doing college-level stuff.”

See this young genius in action in the video below.

His proud mom broke down after seeing her super smart son take to the stage to accept his degree in physics. But she also had double the reason to celebrate. As if having one child prodigy wasn’t enough Carson’s younger brother, Cannan is also a child genius.

Cannan graduated from the same high school as his older brother. the 10-year-old will also attend Texas Christian University where he will study engineering, Astronomy, and Physics.

It really is amazing what these two brothers have achieved, the sky’s the limit for these two smart superstars. Such a great example!

Please share their remarkable story if you too are amazed. It’s already proving to be an inspiration to thousands of others.



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