Woman gives birth to baby with extremely long hair

A baby in the UK is turning heads wherever he goes – because of his long, fluffy hair.

Junior Cox-Noon was born July 30th at Brighton General Hospital and weighed 10 pounds.

Which is exactly why Junior has become a bit of a local celebrity – at just 9 weeks old, the little guy has so much hair he has been nicknamed “Little bear.”

“He came out with loads of hair,” Junior’s mom Chelsea Noon says. “I didn’t realise how much until he had his first bath.”

“When he was born it was quite thick but everybody said it would stop and that a lot of it would fall out. He hasn’t lost any – there’s none in the cot, none in his little chair or the pram, it’s literally just growing and it grows out not down so it sticks up,” Chelsea tells The Mirror.

The 32-year-old mom, who has 3 children, says that it took her between 40 minutes and 2 hours to do her weekly grocery shop – because everybody wanted to stop and touch Junior’s hair.

Many people wanted to know the secret behind Junior’s fluffy ‘do.

“Everyone stops and says: ‘Oh my god look at the baby’s hair,’ and then the next person will say: ‘He’s got so much hair’,” Chelsea explains.

The mom said she has to blow-dry Junior’s hair, because it takes too long for it to dry naturally. She also says she has no intention of cutting his hair.

“I definitely don’t want to cut it,I want to see how long it actually does grow out. I don’t know where his hair has come from it’s like a big ball of candy floss,” Chelsea says.

Chelsea’s two other children, Mitchell and Preston, were not born with the same mane of hair Junior has.

So how did Junior come into the world with such a mass of hair? Chelsea decided to find out, with the help of her doctor.

Her doctor believes it’s to do with something that happened during Chelsea’s pregnancy.

Suffered from severe heartburn

When Chelsea was pregnant with Junior she suffered from severe heartburn.

In a study from 2007 by Johns Hopkins University, researchers found that the growth of a fetus’ hair during pregnancy can be linked to heartburn.

This is believed to happen due to high levels of estrogen, which can both affect hair growth and cause heartburn.

But extreme hair growth aside: Junior is a much loved little boy who is healthy and thriving.

“His brothers really love him, my youngest is always running up to Junior saying ‘I want to pinch his fat cheeks’. We call him ‘Baby Bear’ because he looks like a little bear but when he’s angry he looks like a little gremlin.”

Chelsea is not planning to have any more children.

“The labour with Junior was horrible, I lost a litre of blood so it was quite traumatic. Then obviously they weighed him and found out he was 10lbs and that’s probably why.”

Luckily Chelsea recovered and now has a healthy, happy little tyke to take care of! What fantastic hair!

When he was 15 months old, the Mirror followed up on the story in 2017; they found that Junior had already trimmed his hair seven times.

When he was just three months old, mom Chelsea had to take her baby boy to a special kid’s hairdresser for the first time. Chelsea, who actually works as a hairdresser, could not keep her boy still and needed help from someone else.

Junior now 💙

Posted by Junior Cox-Noon on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

“His hair is so thick, unbelievably thick – it almost looks like a rug”, Chelsea explained.

She also suffered from particular cravings when she was expecting Junior, and she wondered if this could have affected the little boy inside her stomach.

“Every day I used to buy a big bag of ice from the shop and then crunch it down piece by piece in a glass.

“I believe he had to grow the hair to keep himself warm.”

Chelsea Noon / Facebook

Junior Cox-Noon today

This year Junior turns six years old, and he seems to be living a good life with his mother and brothers. Unfortunately, there are not many follow-ups on his recent years, and his mother Chelsea has not spoken to the press in a few years, but that may not be so strange.

We have seen many examples of babies who went viral, and after a while, they fade away and tend to be forgotten. But the boy with the extremely long hair is hard not to remember!

Judging by newer pictures, Junior doesn’t sport his incredibly long and fluffy hair anymore, but he still seems to be a lovely boy.

I’ve never seen anything like this before, just imagine a newborn having all that hair! He is just too cute. 

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