She sees a woman in the parking lot – then she silently asks for help

Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time gives someone the opportunity to be a hero. They may not have woken up that day thinking they would save a life, but it just happens.

Often, heroes are just normal folks who see something that seems wrong, and they react. This means that they may have to put themselves in danger, but they do so, anyway.

Would you risk yourself to save a life?

Everyday hero

Tia Withers’ day seemed like any other normal day. She had a few errands to run, and her final stop was at the local Walmart. She finished her shopping and walked back towards her car in the store’s parking lot. Her two children were with her.

Then, Tina noticed something that many of may have missed. We are often distracted by our own lives — our phones, our kids, our own thoughts, our and worries often take up most of our attention.

But luckily, Tina was paying attention to her surroundings that day. She noticed a woman and a young boy standing outside a car, accompanied by a suspicious looking man. The woman appeared very frightened.

Tina continued to pay attention to the odd trio. When the man turned his back, she saw something chilling — the woman mouthed the words “Help me. We’ve been kidnapped.”


“We’ve been kidnapped”

Everything after that moment happened very quickly. Tina heard the man yelling at the woman to get back into the car. Tina kept her wits about her and quickly put her own children in her car and dialed 911. She pulled her car behind the man’s so that he couldn’t pull out.

The angry kidnapper began ramming Tina’s car. With her children’s safety on her mind, she moved her car. The man pulled out but Tina followed.

She was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher. She followed the car, giving as much information as she could about the car and its location, as the driver tried to outrun her.

The man, Michael McKinney, was eventually apprehended by the police.

Source: via WCMH

McKinney had kidnapped the woman and her son, taking them to a Western Union where he tried unsuccessfully to extort money from them. It is unclear what he planned to do to the woman and her son after he was unable to get any money.

At the time of his arrest, McKinney also had drugs on him, which he tried to throw into the bushes as he was being pursued by police.

Thanks to Tina and her quick thinking and brave actions, the woman and her young son returned home safely that day.

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