Mom spends hours painting sick daughter’s bald head before school pictures – the result is outstanding

For a 17-year-old girl hair is important, especially for special occasions like graduation, parties, and in this case – her senior photo shoot. Madisyn Babcock had long and natural blonde hair that anyone would envy. But when she was 17, her alopecia caused her to lose all her hair.

When it came to her senior photo shoot, there was no hair to fix. Then Madisyn and her mother had a great idea.

Putting on a happy face for a photo when you’ve just unwillingly lost all your hair isn’t something most young teenage girls want to do. That’s why Madisyn’s mom decided to do something about the situation. She wanted to see her daughter glowing with happiness and self-confidence, with or without hair.

Wanted mom to do it

Because Madisyn always thought her mother was good at painting, Madisyn went straight to her rather than asking a stylist for help.

“My mother’s always been an inspiring artist. As someone who always encourages me to be my true self and loves flowers, I knew my mother was the perfect person to paint my head,” Madisyn tells A Plus.

Spent hours styling daughter

The mother spent hours styling her daughter before the shoot. But instead of concealing her baldness, she chose to do something beautiful.

 Chelsea Taylor Photography

The mother’s goal was to strengthen her daughter’s self-esteem while also increasing awareness about the illness for others, something she definitely managed to achieve. When the pictures were published online, they received countless praise and thanks for the inspiration.

Chelsea Taylor Photography

Just look at her shine! Seeing a 17-year-old girl smile like this despite losing all her hair to an illness shows what’s really important in life.

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