Mom tells police her baby has been kidnapped, officers then make grim discovery in the woods

When police officers in Chesterfield County, Virginia, were told a mother had been beaten and her baby snatched they rushed to the scene and issued an AMBER alert to locate the baby.

But while an officer interviewed 19-year-old Breanna Lewis another deputy began combing the woods surrounding Lewis’ house on a hunch that the baby would be found close by.


A press release from the sheriff’s office just moments after the AMBER alert was issued said deputies found the body of the child inside a diaper box about 1,000 yards from the home.

Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks says the abduction of 11-month-old Harlee Lane Lewis was reported on Tuesday. The baby’s mother Breanna Lewis told deputies she was walking to her mailbox with her child when a tan colored SUV stopped in the middle of the road.

A white male wearing a black coat, toboggan and one black glove got out of the vehicle and punched her multiple times in the head, the mother reported to deputies. The man then grabbed the 11-month-old baby girl and left in the SUV. The mother said she had never seen the man who assaulted her before.

Sheriff Brooks says the mother admitted to investigators that she made up the story about the assault and the abduction.

Spokesperson for the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office, Leighton Bell, says  Breanna Lewis is the primary suspect in the death of her child. Police later revealed the child’s body was stuffed in a garbage bag, then in a diaper box. Police continue to question Breanna.

She is charged with filing a false police report for lying about an assault, in addition to the charge of improper disposal of human remains and  more charges are possible, acccording to The New York Post.

Breanna Lewis (Source: Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office)

Such a tragic case of a baby that had no chance in life. Please share to raise awareness and to give our thanks to the police officers!