Mom’s pregnant with triplets, then doctor takes a closer look at the ultrasound and turns pale

They wanted nothing more than to become parents of a little son or daughter. But despite the fact that Courtney and Philip Garrett of New Orleans had tried for many years, it simply did not work.

In the end, they decided to try test tube fertilization, IVF – and to the couple’s great astonishment, Courtney finally became pregnant with triplets.

But that was not the only miracle the family could experience … 7 years later, the doctors were amazed again.

The family’s three first borns – Oliver, Jack and Ellie – had all come into the world thanks to IVF.

That delivery alone had been a miracle for the family. Courtney and Philip had implanted two eggs via IVF, and one of the eggs had split, producing twins plus one sister.

“I didn’t believe it was possible and was like “okej,” Courtney says to WWL-TV.

But it was, and the triplets were brought home to a loving set of parents.

What they didn’t know was that Courtney and Philip wanted to give them a fourth sibling.

And 7 years later, they suprised the little ones with the exciting news. Courtney was pregnant again!


But Courtney and Philip were in for another huge shock.

The ultrasound showed that Courtney wasn’t only pregnant again, but she was expecting three babies – for the second time.

But it wasn’t the multiple pregnancy that puzzled the doctor this time.

For when Courtney wondered how she could have been pregnant with triplets again, she got an unexpected response.

Absolutely pale in the face, the doctor explained the strange miracle. During exactly the same month as Courtney had undergone IVF, she had also conceived naturally. Then one of the eggs had split up, and Courtney suddenly had a pair of identical twins and a sister in her stomach.

The family’s second set of triplets were therefore fertilized both naturally and artificially – in one and the same pregnancy!


It was a phenomenon that left both the parents and the doctors speechless – and it’s extremely rare.

When WWL-TV researched the story, they found that there was only one other set of triplets that had been conceived both naturally and artificially.

Even the doctor was in shock over this medical miracle!


Through a miracle, the Garrett family had now grown from two to eight people.

Three older triplets had been joined by three younger, one to look out for each!

They are a big, happy family!

Watch this clip to follow the family’s incredible journey:

Courtney and Philip didn’t just beat the odds, they smashed them with full force – and after fighting to become parents they are now a family of 8!

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