Monster cuts ears off dog and leaves him to die – then animal lovers do the only right thing

What makes me more angry than anything else in the world is when an animal is in any way deliberately hurt. For any human to be so cold-hearted is unthinkable to me.

But as terrible as some people are, there are thankfully others out there who do everything they can to help and protect our animal friends.

Thankfully, dog Baron, who had his tail, nose and ears cut off, was found by one of these animal heros just in time.

WARNING: Article contains images some readers may find upsetting

It was in Detroit that police found rottweiler Baron completely abandoned. They were in for a horrifying shock when they realised the disgusting abuse the poor dog had been subjected to.

Some monster had cut off his ears, nose and tail. The police called animal rights organisation Michigan Humane Society immediately, and they rushed to the scene to help Baron.


The police immediately offered a 2, 500 dollar reward, which soon reached almost 15 000 dollars after donations from private citizens, to anyone who could offer information leading to the arrest of whoever had caused this appalling harm to Baron.

In the meantime Michigan Humane Society had an important job: taking care of Baron and making sure he would recover.


Endured many operations – then came a happy ending

Despite the terrible treatment Baron has been through, staff at the shelter describe him as a happy, loving dog.

“You wouldn’t expect him to be the nicest dog, but he truly is. It didn’t take long before he let staff rub his belly,” says Valerie Bennet, from Michigan Humane Society, to The Huffington Post.


Baron went through several operations to overcome his injuries, and Valerie and her colleagues immediately got to work finding him his forever home. It took less than two months before they could give Baron the good news.

A couple had caught sight of Baron, whose nose had completely healed, and knew immediately that fate had brought them together. This was the beautiful dog who would become their newest family member

“It’s a great feeling. Not so much that we chose him, but this morning’s reaction when we first met him, I think he chose us as well,” Baron’s new family tells Michigan Humane Society.


We still don’t know whether the terrible person that did this to Baron has been caught or not, but we hope they get the tough sentence they deserve.

As angry as I became reading Baron’s story, I was also so happy to see that he found love and his forever home. That’s what every dog deserves to have.

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