PHOTO: Youtube

Mother abuses foster daughter in restaurant – until one guest has had enough and does the right thing

In the United States, there are about half a million children living in foster care. The vast majority of the children are very well-behaved and get the love and care they deserve from their foster parents.

But unfortunately there are cases where children are not treated well. Sometimes their foster parents abuse the system and use the money they get for other things – perhaps on themselves or their biological children.

This story is about just that – about a mother who is angry with her foster child. In the video below, we see mom Angela, her biological son Xavier and her foster child Emma sitting down in a restaurant in Arizona.

The mom immediately starts treating Emma badly while their biological son Xavier gets everything he asks for. It doesn’t take long before the guests notice the son getting all the attention. But just watch what one guest does when he’s had enough!


The mother refuses to give Emma the same goodies as her son gets.

When Emma also wants an ice cream sundae like Xavier has, the mother refuses saying: “He’s my real son, and you’re my foster kid,” she tells Emma. “I only get a certain amount of money from the government and I’m not spending it on you.”

Angela even goes so far as to threaten to send Emma back into the foster care system if she does not stop talking.

However, it does not take long before a guest sitting near them steps in and puts the mother in her place!

This story is part of a social experiment for the TV show “What Would You Do?”, showing how people act in such situations. The family are all actors and are not related to each other, luckily. But the guests are not aware that they are being filmed by hidden cameras.

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