The mom sees image of grinning police selfie in front of overturned car, then freezes with horror

At the roadside, two police officers had taken a selfie in front of an overturned car on an icy road and posted it on social media.

Meanwhile, a mom sees the image and recognizes the car as the one belonging to her daughter, freezes and starts frantically calling to locate her loved one.

Georgia Oak was driving  on a snowy and very slippery road in Wiltshire, England. She lost control, drove off the road and the car rolled upside down.

Thankfully, Georgia escaped unharmed from the crash and the police were called immediately. But it is not the actual crash that has now become a major social media story but the police’s actions in posing in front of the car for a grinning selfie.

Salisbury Police

Took picture – shortly after the crash

The policemen responded quickly and made sure Georgia was unharmed before deciding to send a warning out to others about how dangerous the roads are right now in the UK with a selfie in front of the vehicle.

Her mom saw the image and recognized it as her daughter’s car and understandably panicked as she started to make frantic phone calls to make sure her daughter was safe.

Georgia, a hospital worker from Salisbury, reposted the image and said: “It’s my car and yes I am OK. But this is how my mum found out I was in a crash. I really appreciate how they helped and how quick they were to be there,” according to the Daily Mail.

Police apologize

In response, the police department said: “I’m sorry you(r) mum found out this way, but we were careful to not identify you or your car in this post and emphasize that nobody was hurt. Cars can be replaced: people can’t.

“As you will understand, the photo was not taken until they had dealt with the emergency and has been used to highlight the dangers on the roads in these conditions.”

Many responded to the police’s post saying the image was unnecessary. But in any case we are glad that Georgia managed to escape unscathed from the crash.

Was it okay that the police published the image or should they have acted differently? Please leave your opinion in the comment field and share!

Facebook/Georgia Oak