Mother watches daughter from the stands. Suddenly a young man jumps over the fence and runs towards her

When a person does something kind for a complete stranger, it always warms my heart. I think this is true for most people.

This story is a perfect illustration of just that. My heart was warmed through and my hope in humanity was maintained. Here’s the wonderful story — I’m sure that you’ll be touched, too.

To start, try to put yourself in a child’s shoes and see things from their perspective. Imagine you are nine-years-old and are participating in a performance at your school. The show involves all of the students’ dads, but your father isn’t there.

Your dad is gone, as he often is. At the same time, all your friends’ dads are there for the event.

When Addie Rodriguez from Texas had a performance with her cheerleading squad at her school, this was exactly the case. Addie’s dad is in the Army, so he often can’t attend her school events.


Having her father away so often is very tough for a child, but Addie is strong and knows that her dad is gone for an important reason.

But, when it was time for her cheerleading performance, it was extra tough. During the planned routine, the cheerleaders’ fathers would put their daughters on their shoulders.

Addie’s father, however, was away with the army — and she was the only one who did not have her dad for the routine.


But, a young man, a total stranger, saw Addie from the stands as the cheerleaders performed.

The young man thought it was terrible that Addie was completely alone when everyone else had their dads there. He felt so strongly that he decided to intervene.

The young man got out of his seat in the stands, hurried down and hopped the fence to where the cheerleaders were performing. He ran straight to Addie.


He asked her permission and then and then put her on his shoulders so she did not have to be by herself.

Addie didn’t have to feel alone anymore — a complete stranger had saved the day.

Watch the video below for an interview with Addie, her mother, and the amazing young man:

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