Driver throws his trash out of his car window – look what the man behind him then does

Throwing litter on the ground is a selfish and stupid act. If we all just dumped our waste on the floor because we couldn’t be bothered to find a trash can, imagine the state of our streets.

Thankfully most of us have the sense to find a garbage can or just take our litter home with us.

I don’t know if these litter bugs are lazy or lack common sense or both when they throw their waste out of their car windows. We all know how infuriating it can be if we’re driving behind someone who does this.

One motorist and his passenger witnessed just this and instead of moaning about it, they decided to take action and teach this litterer a lesson.


Cars were at a standstill along the road and it seems that one driver decided it was the perfect time to finish his lunch. When he’d finished, instead of waiting to find the next trash can to dispose of his waste or just taking it home with him, he threw it out of the window into the beautiful forest surrounding him with such force.

Just watching it makes me angry as he’s so brazen about it, as if it’s his right to litter our beautiful surroundings. Clearly the driver and his passenger in the car behind felt the same. One of them then jumps out of his car to teach this man a lesson.

The whole scene was captured on camera and the lesson he teaches him couldn’t be more perfect.

See for yourself in the clip below and don’t forget to share this important lesson with your friends.