Nervous boy gets up on stage alone to sing: ​​Then judges jump out of their chairs

When the shy 13-year-old boy Abu walked onto the stage of the show “The Voice Kids Belgium,” there was a lot of pressure on his little shoulders. Abu had chosen a very challenging song that he hoped would impress the judges.

There have been many iconic voices that have and will always have a place in music history and Celine Dione is among them being one of the best selling artists of all time.

When Abu chose to sing “My Heart Will Go On”, from the iconic movie Titanic, there were few in his presence who thought he could do it as well as Celine. But this youngster knew what he was doing.

Celine Dion’s amazing performance of the emotionally loaded song, soon became her biggest hit and one of the best-selling singles in the world. Anyone who sings this would find it difficult to make this song their own but Abu is not just any ordinary 13-year-old.

Abu had big shoes to fill by choosing this special song – but he did not disappoint. The way the star jury reacts to his performance says it all. See for yourself in the video below.

When Abobaker ‘Abu’ Rahman fled the war in Afghanistan, he had a dream of becoming world famous. And this performance shows he has the potential to achieve his dream! 

I am convinced that Celine Dion herself would be impressed if she had the opportunity to see Abus’s amazing performance and listen to his voice.

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