New research: Women drive better than men

Have you ever wondered which one of the sexes is really the best at driving?

Well, now it’s proven.

According to researchers in Norway, women are better than men at driving, The Daily Mail reports.

Researchers in Norway have studied 1 500 people. They looked at aspects such as age, gender and personality and analysed how each factor affects us when we drive. The study concludes that men are more easily distracted – which, according to the researchers, makes them worse drivers.

“A recent report concluded that distracted driving plays a part of at least 12 per cent of car accidents,” Ole Johansson, a researcher at the Institute of Transport Economics in Oslo, told The Daily Mail.

“I found that young men were among the most likely to report distraction. Others more prone to distraction include those who drive often, and those with neurotic and extroverted personalities.”

Elderly women are the least distracted drivers, according to the study.

Deadliest year for road accidents

In 2016, 40 000 people are estimated to have died in car accidents, making it the deadliest year for road accidents, with a 14% rise in deaths since 2014.


Although these results may cause friendly (or not so friendly) debates, it’s important that we try to learn from this research – no matter who you are, you should always give the road your full attention when driving.

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