Notre Dame fire: Crowd gathers to sing impromptu song caught on camera

The world is still reeling from the tragic blaze that partially destroyed one of the most iconic buildings, the Notre Dame Cathedral.

A massive fire ravaged the 850-year-old medieval catholic cathedral, one of the most famous landmarks in Paris.

Millions of dollars have been pledged to help rebuild it and French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild it in 5 years “even more beautifully.”

Around 400 firefighters worked tirelessly to put the fire out, which took around 12 hours.

At the height of the flames a group of people could only stand and watch, shocked at what was happening to their beloved building.

A Spanish journalist then captured a beautiful moment among the crowd as they united to sing an iconic song. The video was posted and immediately went viral, touching the hearts of people around the world.

The fire, which broke out on Monday evening, destroyed Notre Dame’s spire and roof but thankfully spared its twin medieval bell towers.

So many firefighters risked their lives running into the building to save a lot of the building’s treasures.

Long investigation

The cause of the fire is still unknown but experts believe it was an accident, possibly as a result of restoration work.

Fifty investigators are due to carry out interviews with workers in what is expected to be a long investigation into the fire.

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On Monday night, crowds gathered near the Roman Catholic cathedral to mourn; unable to do anything but watch fire ravage the medieval monument.

A group of people, who are thought to be strangers, started singing arguably one of the most moving songs  “Ave Maria.”

‘Calling upon her for help’

Very fitting considering composer Franz Schubert is thought to have written it as a setting of a song from Walter Scott poem “The Lady of the Lake.”

In the poem character Ellen Douglas sings a prayer addressed to the Virgin Mary, calling upon her for help; after the melody was used for the full text of the traditional Roman Catholic prayer.

The clip, captured and posted to Twitter by Spanish journalist Ignacio Gil, shows a small crowd standing across from Notre Dame singing “Ave Maria” in French.

The clip has moved thousands of people and has already been retweeted more than 130,000 times. Watch the emotional  moment in the clip below.

Such a moving moment among a group of strangers united in grief. Please share this clip if you were also moved by their singing.