Nurse reveals moment two men threw eggs at him after a shift caring for COVID-19 patients

While thousands are taking a pause to give a round of applause to healthcare workers putting their own lives at risk to fight this horrific virus, there are some that are displaying shocking behavior toward health workers.

One nurse in Mexico, who was waiting at a bus stop after a busy shift, says two motorcyclists threw eggs at him.

Rafael Ramirez took to Facebook to share his upsetting experience and now the internet has come to his defense.

“The action was cowardly and it’s amazing that we have to endure this kind of aggression and humiliation from such ignorant people,” nurse Rafael said in his Facebook post.


“I’m upset friends, I AM VERY SAD to see that the society we live in treats us as if we did things wrong.”

Rafael works as a nurse at IMSS Yutican, and was waiting for his bus home at around 7.40 pm, she says, when two guys on motorcycles threw eggs at his uniform.

He said they then left laughing, while Rafael was left dumbfounded saying: “I thought this kind of things didn’t happen in our city, I felt powerless to do anything.”

‘Show some empathy’

Rafael’s post reminds people that nurses and doctors are the people who have to face this virus every day and look after people’s sick loved ones.

He added: “I wonder if this is the way to encourage us to keep working? Is this the way to show some empathy?”

Despite the humiliating attack Rafael says he will never be afraid to go to work writing: “OF COURSE, I GOT IT.”

Rafael is not the only nurse who has been attacked in Mexico.

According to Mexico News Daily, healthcare workers have been attacked with hot coffee, eggs and bleach, barred in some cases from using public transit and faced a barrage of verbal abuse from members of the public.

Soy Rafael Ramírez, soy enfermero del IMSS Yucatán, el día de ayer por la noche alrededor de las 7:40 pm. mientras…

Gepostet von Rafael Ramirez Morales am Sonntag, 5. April 2020

Health workers have always been heroes but now even more so and deserve all our support, praise and thanks. I will never understand this kind of appalling behavior toward them.

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