Officials burn 3 tons of cannabis, soon realize they might think it all the way through

Now that cannabis is legal in a growing number of US states, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to enjoy a little marijuana similarly to how you’d enjoy a nice glass of wine.

But many countries are still tough on drugs.

Southeast Asia’s governments impose the toughest drug laws on the planet. If you are caught with marijuana, you can get up to twenty years in jail.

But when the police in Indonesia decided to burn over 3 tons of cannabis, you can probably guess how that worked out.

By the time officials realized that they didn’t think things all the way through, it was way too late.

Indonesia is tough on crime and when it comes to drugs, they simply don’t play around.

The Indonesian government have been fighting a brutal war on drugs for decades, using long prison sentences, brutal crackdown and even executions.

Maybe thats why it came as a total shock when Indonesian officials accidentally got an entire town high after burning 3.3 tons of confiscated cannabis.

An entire Indonesian neighborhood ended up high when officials burned 3.3 tons of confiscated cannabis (Youtube).

Tangerang police chief Senior Commander Riad said his officers seized the stash, valued at $1 million, in earlier raids in Serpong, South Tangerang.

The 3.3 tons of marijuana were later burned by the police at their subprecinct office, according to Daily Mail.

Officers also destroyed 1.8 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 2,538 ecstasy pills by blending them. But the police neglected to inform the locals in the surrounding town of Tangerang, which is 15.5 miles west of the capital Jakarta.

Residents of Tangerang reported suffering from headaches and dizziness after inhaling the tangy smoke given off by the bonfire, according to Breitbart.

RapplerID/Twitter via USAToday

The police officers anticipated that the fumes created by the burning drugs would be powerful and potent.

They also reportedly prepared by wearing appropriate masks, but there was one big problem – the police were the only ones outfitted with the protective gear.

A journalist reported having to ‘sit down and have a cup of tea’ to deal with the high, according to Daily Mail.

Destroying confiscated drugs by fire isn’t unique to Indonesia. (YouTube)

“I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask,” a resident named Deden added.

Shockingly, there were no confirmed complaints of “the munchies”….

All joking aside, this isn’t the only time something similar has happened.

In fact, there are some classic clips of reporters struggling to cover similar events.

In this other clip bellow, an embarrassed BBC correspondent struggled to finish his broadcast as he got high after getting too close to a stack of burning drugs and inhaling the intoxicating fumes.

If your having a bad day then this video will cheer you up…

While this sounds like common sense, apparently it’s not. But burning a three-ton pile of confiscated drugs can get an entire town high.

Destroying tons of marijuana in a big bonfire proved to be as reckless as it sounds when those witnessing the event started inhaling the fumes.

Perhaps, the Indonesian police force might want to rethink its drugs disposal policy….