People are stunned by new photos of little Prince George – does the unexpected at the playground with Mom Kate

Prince George and Princess Charlotte were out with their mom, Kate Middleton and dad Prince William on a mission on Sunday.

As Prince William played a polo for charity, mother Kate and the kids looked on and played nearby (little brother Prince Louis, soon 2 months, was not present).

Naturally, the children preferred to run around in the summer rain rather than watch daddy play polo. And just like any other child in the same age group as George, four, and Charlotte, three, little prince George, whom is one day expected to be King, brought a toy along.

This is probably something that most parents can relate to — convincing your child to attend an event with mommy and daddy that they’re not particularly interested in. So you try with a classic negotiating tactic — like the child can bring a toy.

It certainly appeared to work for the royal family — however little George’s choice of toy is now arousing debate in the UK, writes the Mirror.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambirdge’s eldest son George is quickly growing up.

Little George spent last weekend with mom and dad at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy event — bringing along a rather controversial item along with him: a toy gun.

Kate and the kids sat in the grass and played as dad played polo. It was then that the prince’s gun was captured in photos — a toy that is now being criticized across some circles in Britain.

The little prince played with a toy gun, a toy knife and handcuffs.

Several royal family fans have now taken to social media to criticize the family for this. They believe that it sends out wrong signals.

At the same time, many others disagree, saying that children will be children and should be allowed to play freely, as it is all innocent.

It is well-known that the British Royal Family have many roots in the military. Both Prince William and Harry have been in the military, and according to Unilad, little George is growing up quite “fascinated by the police”. When William and Kate were visiting Finland last winter, they brought a toy police car home for George.

It has otherwise been an eventful weekend in Britain as Prince Phillip, husband to Queen Elizabeth, turned 97.

Wishing His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh a very Happy 97th Birthday!

Posted by The Royal Family on Sunday, 10 June 2018

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