Pierce Brosnan struggles to ‘unburden himself’ from his tough childhood

The picture-perfect life of Hollywood stars gives us all something to envy: the huge houses, designer clothes and private jets are images we have come to associate with those that find success on the silver screen.

But not many of us know the struggles some may have endured before their life took a turn for the better; it’s often a childhood of hardships and struggles that can drive a person to achieve great things.

The tough times Kirk Douglas endured as the son of poor immigrants or Hollywood funny man Jim Carey whose family lost their home and he was forced to leave school at 15 to help support them, yet still they went on to achieve stardom.

Bond star Pierce Brosnan not only endured severe hardship growing up in Ireland and then London but was abandoned by his father and only got to see his mother twice a year.

BORN] Pierce Brosnan / Born: Pierce Brendan Brosnan, May 16, 1953 ...

We all know and love the slick star who to his legion of fans will always be their favorite OO7 (Bond) but the road to stardom was a very rocky one for the County Louth-born actor.

His father Tom Brosnan was a carpenter and left him and his mother before Brosnan’s first birthday.


His mom Mary Smith left Ireland when he was just four years old moving to London so she could train as a nurse, leaving Brosnan to be raised by his grandparents.

“Because I was so solitary,” he told The Guardian, “and we lived on the outskirts of town, across the River Boyne, I was an outsider. An only child.”

While still adjusting to his new life and unable to fully understand why his mother had left him, his grandparents died, leaving Brosnan to be raised by a series of relatives.

He recalls spending a lot of time in his aunt’s pub and feeling desperately lonely. “But maybe that’s where the acting comes from, from spending so much time alone with your thoughts,” Brosnan said according to livetimetv.co.uk.

He also had a tough time enduring the brutal regime of a strict religious school where beatings were common and “religion was rammed down my throat,” he added.


When Brosnan was 11 years his mom was financially stable enough to be reunited with her son and he left Ireland to live with her and his stepdad in Putney, London. His stepdad even took him to see the Bond movie Goldfinger, an important turning point in Brosnan’s life.

He even endured a tough time at his new London school where he was bullied for his Irish accent and he left at 16 years old, despite excelling in art and English.


He enrolled in the Drama Centre in London, finished his course and went on to attract the attention of the famous playwright Tennessee Williams, who offered him a part in one of his plays and the rest is history.

Today the 66-year-old is not only a successful actor worth millions but a doting dad who took on the role of father and mother to his three children when his first wife Cassandra Harris died, despite being abandoned by both of his parents.

Talking about his role as Bond which propelled him to stardom

“I’m forever grateful for Bond as the role came along at a time when I really needed that kind of a gift in my life. At the time I was very worried about my children,” he said.

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Because of your looks and brain as well as your guts due to the hardship you suffered you become a success and more better than those have a complete parents. You turned out to be a better person and father. And you did it on your own!

Despite the tragedy he endured as a child Pierce Brosnan went from strength to strength; his story should be an inspiration to others – share this on Facebook if you also adore Pierce Brosnan!