Police believe missing 1-year-old Quinton Simon has died – boy’s mom named as prime suspect

The news of a young life being lost is much harder to handle. This little boy was said to be missing but news emerged that his disappearance might be more sinister than first expected.

And the story of what might have happened to the toddler is as chilling as ever…

20-month-old little boy Quinton Simon was reported missing last week and authorities immediately began searching for the toddler, determined to get the little boy back home safely.

#BREAKING Sources have confirmed that Quinton’s family has been notified Quinton is “not alive”.Leilani Simon named as…

Posted by WSAV Chief Meteorologist Kris Allred on Wednesday, October 12, 2022

“Finding Quinton Simon is our highest priority, and the intensity of our work is as strong as it has been since the day of his disappearance,” police said in a statement.

Now the police is saying they believe the little boy is dead, they confirmed this news. And have named the little boy’s mother as the primary suspect in the investigation. This has left the community shaken, as they never expected the mother to have been the person behind her own child’s disappearance.

“We are saddened to report that CCPD and the FBI have notified Quinton Simon’s family that we believe he is deceased. We have named his mother, Leilani Simon, as the prime suspect in his disappearance and death,” the Chatham County Police Department said in a tweet on Wednesday night, they further added that “no arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.”


We continue to aggressively investigate Quinton Simon's disappearance. Detectives are working 18-20 hour days and some…

Posted by Chatham County Police Department on Friday, October 7, 2022

The department further added how they realized how upsetting the news would be, “We know that thousands of people around the world will be heartbroken by this news, and we share your sorrow.”

The police brought search dogs to the family residence in order to find evidence for Simon’s disappearance. Officers later stated that they had “seized evidence” that they think will “move this case forward.”

Little Quinton Simon was last seen around 6 a.m. on October 5th by his mother’s boyfriend. According to the police, the mother then work up and reported the little boy missing around 9:40 a.m.

MORNING UPDATE There are no new significant updates in our search for Quinton Simon. In a few minutes, Chief Hadley…

Posted by Chatham County Police Department on Friday, October 7, 2022

Police also said the case was not a custody dispute and reported that they had been in touch with the little boy’s biological father and that he was not a suspect.

The FBI became involved in the case and officials reported over 40 FBI agents who had been on ground trying to find the little boy.

Authorities stated that they have “conducted multiple interviews, executed multiple search warrants and we’ve canvassed numerous specific geographic areas.”

They are committed to finding out what happened to little Quinton.

This is such a heartbreaking story. We hope those who loved and cared for little Quinton Simpson can get the answers they need.