Police discover family living in woods; see children’s faces and go beyond the call of duty

Police officers have to be ready to deal with all manner of situations and are often faced with a number of unexpected scenes. They often have to act fast and it’s not always easy making the right decision when situations get tough.

When Deputies Johnny Le and Tim Yee were asked to investigate trespassers spotted behind a Walmart in Sacramento, California, they had no idea how choked up they’d get at the scene they were about to be faced with.



The two officers began exploring the woods behind the store and came across a mother and her three children. They couldn’t believe what they saw and became choked up at the sight of this woman trying to look after her kids in the woods.

The officers realized they had a delicate situation on their hands and approached the mother cautiously. She was scared at the sight of the two officers, even though she’d done nothing wrong, she feared the worst.

Sharon Loveless told them she had been living in a van with her children for four months. She had taken her family behind the Walmart to make lunch because she thought they would be safe from prying eyes.

But then Sharon was told by the officers that they had no choice but to take them away and she started to panic. The kids became frightened and confused!

But where the deputies took this vulnerable family brought the struggling mom to tears.

Find out what Officers Le and Yee did for this family in the video below.

Too many stories portray cops in a bad light but this shows the good side of our law enforcement.

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