Police form a heart shape with cars to thank frontline workers

Throughout these tough times our gratitude for those frontline workers putting their lives in danger every day to save others knows no bounds.

Most of us are feeling the strain of having to lock ourselves away from loved ones and put all our fun plans on hold; it’s fair to say a lot of us are feeling sorry for ourselves.

But for all the medical staff fighting the battle against this raging virus they have no choice but to leave the safety of their homes and the love of their worried families and battle through this – we really can’t thank them enough.

Police officers from the Fort Myers Police Department, in Florida, showed their appreciation by arranging their police cars in the shape of a heart outside their local hospital to thank health care workers for all they are doing to combat COVID-19.

Officers maneuvered 15 patrol vehicles outside Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida, to the shape of love to show just how grateful they are to the heroes of their community putting their own lives at risk to save others.

“It’s kind of like our hometown hospital,” Officer Kristin Capuzzi said, according to Good Morning America. “We wanted a nice way to say thank you to our health care professionals.”

Officer Capuzzi was behind the big gesture and all the officers involved volunteered their time to thank the workers, stopping by during shift changes to makes sure as many medical staff as possible saw the surprise.

“You could just tell we were grabbing their attention,” she said. “Some of the nurses were getting in their cars teary-eyed and would come over to take pictures. It was really neat.”

The police department shared the moving images to their Facebook page alongside the words: “We appreciate each of the hard working medical professionals and wanted to simply say ‘Thank You’

‘We all have to stick together’

“It was a pretty amazing and personal turnout and we couldn’t be more proud to work side by side with you Lee Health.”

The post has attracted hundreds of comments adding to the gratitude and 1,700 people have shared the images.

“This was a personal experience that was a simple way to show our appreciation,” Officer Capuzzi said. “It’s tough times and we all have to stick together.”

These warriors deserve all our gratitude and praise! They go to work to save our lives we must stay at home to save theirs.

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