Police free screaming child from scorching hot car – while mother is at a festival

We already know that no living thing should ever be left behind in a hot car in the summer — even if you think you have something “more important” to do or that it won’t take long.

This is unthinkable especially when it comes to your own child.

Sadly, this is exactly what a small 2-year-old had to recently endure in Rheda Wiedenbrück, Germany. The child was freed by police after nearly 30 minutes of crying in a scorching hot car.

Where was the mother? With a friend at a festival.

Bild reports that late on Monday evening, an officer freed a boy aged about 2 from an overheated car, after a passersby called the police.

The desperate, sweating child was screaming and crying from the car.

According to the University of Georgia, a car can heat up to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit in just 30 minutes if the outside temperature is between 93 and 104 degrees.

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For over 30 minutes, the little boy screamed until officers rushed to his aid, smashing the car window and pulling him out.

Ten minutes later, the child’s 22-year-old mother returned from the festival.  “We were looking for another girlfriend. It took longer than expected,” she told Bild.

The officers interrogated the young mother, ultimately charging her with bodily harm and abuse of a minor. In addition, the state child welfare organization was notified.

Children at this age can not fend for themselves and free themselves out of a scorching hot car. The little boy was lucky that a passersby was observant enough to notice him and made the emergency call.

Thank goodness for this passersby and the officers who freed the boy from the hot car. We hope that he recovers from the shock as soon as possible and wish that no single creature — human or animal — ever has to suffer such an incident again.

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