Police stop man for driving with baby and no car seat: shocked when he sees what his wife is holding in her hands

Telling your husband that you are expecting a child can a really big deal. While some couples take the pregnancy test together, some women want the good news to come as a surprise.

An expecting mom, Nikk Rock, really had a creative plan for how she wanted to tell her husband that he would soon be a daddy.

She even asked the police for help.

One day when the couple was driving in their car, they suddenly saw blue lights flashing behind them.


Nikk Rock

When her husband realized that he was being pulled over, he drove the car to the side of the road and stopped. As the police approached, he started to get nervous and began to fidget with all the buttons on the car stereo.

When the police asked him to turn down the music, he saw that the cop that pulled him over was a family friend.

Nikk Rock

When the officer explained why he pulled him over, the husband was very confused.

The cop told him that it was illegal to drive with a baby in the car without a car seat.

The couple didn’t have a car seat in the back seat because they didn’t have a baby. Or at least not one that he could see. He tried to explain to the cop that there was no baby, but the officer refused to give up.

Nikk Rock

It was only when he turned around and looked at his wife as he understood what was happening.

In her hand, his wife held a pregnancy test, and it was positive! Then, another policeman approached the car with a teddy bear and said congratulations.

They’re going to be parents!

Watch the video to see the whole thing:

This is such good news. His day changed from thinking he had done something wrong, to crying tears of joy.

Do you think it was a fun way to surprise him or was it a bit mean to scare her husband with the surprise?

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