Police warning over ‘gray death’ drug so powerful just touching it could kill you

Police across the nation are issuing warnings over a new drug that is so powerful just touching it could kill you.

The drug is being called “gray death” as it looks like a block of concrete but it’s heroin cut with fentanyl, a powerful opioid that can cause respiratory distress and death.

“The public recognizes a lot of the drugs that we deal with. This is a new one,” said David Spencer, spokesperson for the St. Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office, in Louisiana.

“Be aware of the color. It looks like chunks of concrete,” he warned.

The ‘gray death’ drug is thought to be 10,000 times more potent than morphine and just touching it could kill you.

Stepped on the drug releasing particles

In Ohio one police officer overdosed on the drug after he was exposed to tiny particles of it in the air.

Officer Chris Green and his partner had pulled over two suspects who then stepped on the drug in an attempt to hide the evidence and in doing so released particles of it into the air.

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Less than a minute after pulling the men over, Green says he started slurring his words, losing his vision and felt like he was having a heart attack as he breathed in the drug which was now airborne.

‘I lost total control’

“It’s like the tunnels closing in, and everything is just going dark. I lost total control,” Officer Green told ABC 6 News.

Thankfully, paramedics, who were already on the scene, treated him and he recovered.

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David Spencer warned the public not to touch anything they suspect could be ‘gray death’ and report it immediately, according to Fox8 Cleveland.

“You don’t want to touch this. If it all possible, you don’t even want to put it on your hands,” Spencer said.

“You would really hate to see somebody innocent touch this not knowing what it is or a child touch that now knowing what it is,” Spencer added.

Find out more about this drug in the clip below.