Prince Harry and Meghan welcoming new family member

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married on May 19th in St Georges chapel in Windsor.

Two billion people around the globe watched the royal wedding on TV.

The happy couple had already been together for two years, and everyone could see how deeply in love they are.

According to People magazine, the couple have now got a super cute addition to their family!

I´m sure everyone can recall the scenes form earlier this summer. Harry and Meghan had a truly memorable wedding in Windsor, a small town just outside of London.

After the ceremony, the royal couple stepped out into the gazing sun and, to the never ending cheer of the public, they met in a heartfelt kiss.

After being married for three months they are now, according to People, welcoming a new family member.

The court is yet to confirm the news, but according to information the couple has adopted a Labrador.

Meghan is a tur dog lover and can often be seen urging her followers on social media to adopt dogs rather than to buy.

Posted by Diana, Princess of Wales 1961-1997 on Saturday, 19 May 2018

The actress has previously adopted two dogs – Bogart and Guy.

Bogart had to stay in the United states when she left for England, but the beagle Guy could accompany his mistress to the new country. According to People, Guy has a really close relationship with Queen Elizabeth.

– I have had these dogs for a long time and both were rescued from a shelter. One of them are staying with close friends and the other one is here with me in the UK. He´s been here for a while now, said Meghan to BBC.

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Meghan and Harry set a great example adopting this dog, instead of buying one. Please share this article to wish them luck with the new family member.