Repo man takes elderly couple’s car after mounting medical bills – days later he returns with shocking news

Most of us feel like we live our lives juggling finances to make sure we don’t run into debt but sometimes things happen that completely throw us off and we struggle to recover from.

For Stan Kipping and his wife Pat mounting medical bills, due to Stan’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, were forcing them into dire financial straits. They lived a humble existence in Red Bud, Illinois, but found themselves unable to meet their monthly bills.

One of these essential monthly payments was for their 1998 Buik Century car. One day the debt caught up with them and they found themselves answering the door to a repo man.



Jim was the repo man sent out to recover the Kipping’s vehicle. Rather than causing a fuss when he asked to take the couple’s car, Pat handed the keys over peacefully

“When he took the car I said, ‘God, do whatever, whatever you think is best for us.’ You know, God works in mysterious ways,” Pat told CBS News.

Jim took the car and as he was driving off, the guilt took over and he felt like he had to do something to help, rather than add to this poor couple’s problems.

Not only did Jim pay off the late sum, but he also detailed the car, changed the oil and started a GoFundMe page to pay off the rest of the loan! Donations poured in from all around the country and soon they had more than enough to pay for the car.

The big-hearted repo man returned to the couple’s home but this time with good news. He returned their car, which had been cleaned and turned up, told them the rest of the car payments were covered, with over $17,000 left from the GoFundMe appeal. Pat was completely overwhelmed and started sobbing uncontrollably.

Pat told CBS News that Jim restored their faith in human kindness adding, “He was wonderful. I mean, he’s the kindest man I’ve ever met in all my life… There’s good people out there. He’s our guardian angel.”

See this wonderful story unfold in the video below. It’s a true happy ending.

We need more people like Jim in the world! His kindness towards this sweet couple not only surprised me but reduced me to tears. Please share and spread the good word.