Road worker sees horrified teenager rush towards – realizes who’s chasing her and reaches into his pocket

Let’s be honest — no one is especially happy to come across road work while driving. It means traffic, zigzagging, and potentially long delays.

Stressed drivers may start honking, exacerbating an already irritating situation. Road workers meanwhile do their best to direct traffic and keep circulation as smooth and safe as possible.

But here’s one road worker who took a step further…

The story occurs in Northern Virginia, USA, in the summer of 2015, as road worker Kevin Huntington suddenly sees a car heading towards the working zone at a high speed.

Photo: YouTube

A teenager suddenly hopped out of the car. She ran toward the road worker and he immediately knew something was wrong. That’s when she opened her mouth and asked him to call the police.

Kevin immediately realized that there was something serious going on. He picked up his cellphone and immediately dialled 911. And upon hearing the unknown girl’s story, he froze.

“I asked the female if she was ok and she said ‘no, there was a man trying to kill her’, so I told her just stay behind me, I wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” Kevin told CBS.

He explains that he saw the perpetrator get out of the car and approach them, but that the man stayed behind when he saw Kevin by her side.

Photo: YouTube

Kevin comforted the young woman and made sure she was safe until the police arrived. They had already been alerted of the kidnapping — but thanks to Kevin’s call they could also locate the girl and find her perpetrator.

Shortly after Kevin’s call, the kidnapper was arrested. He was charged with kidnapping, strangling and sexual assault, and sentenced to jail.

“Pick up the phone and help somebody; you never know whose life you might save,” Kevin told CBS.

This man is truly a hero and a reminder to us that anyone can be the difference between life and death when we least anticipate it.

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