Rob Lowe marks 30 years of being sober with a special message for his fans

Most of us would agree that Rob Lowe has led a charmed life, blessed with fame and fortune.

Making his TV debut at 15 years old in ABC sitcom “A New Kind of Family” it wasn’t long before the young man from Ohio became a teen sensation and member of the Brat Pack.

He’s starred in a string of movies in the ’80s including St Elmo’s Fire and Outsiders putting him firmly on the map as a Hollywood movie star.

With his marriage to make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff in 1991 still going strong and his two boys now aged in their 20s, Lowe’s life seems picture perfect from the outside.

But Lowe has lived through some dark times in his life, an addiction he’s battled and won against and today marks the 30th anniversary of the moment he decided to take up that battle and change his life forever.

At the height of his fame he was abusing alcohol and drugs that led to a string of controversies which threatened his marriage.

At 26 years old he made the tough decision to change his life for the better.

The Golden Globe-winning actor decided to get sober on May 10, 1990 and in 2014, Lowe talked to Oprah Winfrey about rehab.

“I didn’t love the fact that I had to go and it was unbelievably painful but I like the science. I couldn’t have gotten sober without rehab because I needed the science … I needed to do the work. It was like going to law school,” he said.

For over a decade Lowe’s career went into decline but enjoyed a resurgence when he ventured back into TV making his breakthrough as Sam Seaborn on the NBC political drama “The West Wing” in 1999.

Today he’s celebrating 30 years sober and took to Instagram with an important message.

“30 years ago today, I found a sober life of true happiness and fulfillment. I am filled with gratitude on this anniversary,” he writes.

“From a treatment center in Arizona to a bomb shelter in Israel, I have come to know many extraordinary people, and the fellowship of recovery has changed my life and given me gifts beyond my selfish imaginings. If you, or someone you love is struggling with any kind of addiction, there is hope! Love to you all.”

Lowe, whose recently starred in NBC comedy hit show “Parks and Recreation” tweets most years around May 10 and May 11 to celebrate his recovery and in 2017 said he was “Grateful to God” for his “happy destiny.”

It’s hard to imagine the pressures that come with fame like Lowe’s. We’re glad he made this important decision at such a young age and has the support of a loving family.

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