Robin Williams’ son Zak honors comedian by naming son after him

Robin Williams was known across the globe as one of the funniest men to ever grace Hollywood and he had a well-earned reputation as a genuinely nice man.

In addition to being one of the world’s funniest men, Robin Williams was also a father and loving family man.

Now his eldest son, Zak Williams, has honored his late father by naming his new baby boy after the famous comedian.


On May 22, Zak Williams and his fiancée Olivia June welcomed their baby boy, McLaurin Clement Williams, to the world.

But there was a detail that really made people’s hearts melt.

The boy’s name is a touching tribute to the late Robin Williams, whose middle name was McLaurin.

According to an Instagram update, Zak and Olivia June will call the little guy Mickey.

“Introducing you to my little family!” June said in an update with a series of photos.

“We are beyond thrilled he chose us to be his parents, and obviously think he’s the best, smartest, and cutest baby ever!!”

Since Robin’s death in 2014, his wife and his three children — Zak, Zelda, and Cody Williams — have continued to honor him.


As the eldest sibling, Zak took a big responsibility and helped the Williams family move forward after his father’s shocking death.

“We’re acclimating to the new normal. Everything is step by step,” he told US Weekly in 2014.

“Dad had almost a childlike love, and he shared that love with people, with everyone. And that ability to love, and that ability to be generous and giving and kind is something we would want to share with future generations.”

Since that dark day in 2014, Zak has searched for a way to give back to society.

Robin Williams was passionate about giving back to society and for Zak, a tech marketing executive, that has meant devoting time and energy to helping others.

Zak has, among other things, helped teach financial literacy to inmates at San Quentin State Prison as part of a rehabilitation program.

He was also featured in the documentary “Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind.” Zak spoke about his father saying,

“His pathos was seeking to entertain and please. He felt when he wasn’t doing that, he was not succeeding as a person. That was always hard to see, because in so many senses he was the most successful person I know.”

Williams welcomed McLaurin Clement Williams last month; McLaurin was Robin Williams' middle name.

Posted by ABC News on Thursday, June 13, 2019

It warmed my heart to read about Zak and his decision to honor his late father, I’m sure his dad is up there smiling!