40 students take to the stage – then their show defies the laws of nature

It’s not hard to be impressed when you look at the beautiful moves displayed in synchronized swimming. The formations never fail to impress. But now the popular sport has been taken to a different dimension — and a new sport has emerged.

These students succeeded to win over the audience in the arena with their advanced routine.


The students have been practicing for months to get the details of their routine perfect — all ready for just this moment. After traveling countless miles, they are finally ready to show the world what they can do and the show leaves the audience amazed.

According to the Oddity Central website, the sport is called “Shuudan Koudou” meaning “collective action,” explains ShareTap. It involves a group of students putting on an incredible display of synchronized walking — also known as Japanese Precision Walking.

Although many have never heard of the sport, it has been around for decades. It was invented around 50 years ago at Japan’s Nippon Sports Science University, in Tokyo, and over time, the formations have become increasingly complex.


Despite the fact that the sport is not exercised anywhere else in the world, it bears some resemblance to our own synchronized dancing: “cheerleeding”. Participants must have the ability to focus and maintain their exact position — and above all, to work with others.

Mind-blowing moves

Winning a “Shuudan Koudou” contest is a great honor in Japan. Many of the younger students go on to become instructors and coaches later in life. Take a look at this great routine in the video below. The precision movement and synchronization will blow you mind!

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