Sandra Bullock: Tragic loss casts pall over wedding plans

In my opinion, when you lose something extremely close to you, it’s like losing a part of yourself.

To say it’s been a tough month for Sandra Bullock would be an understatement.

Following the death of her father, aged 93, last month, the actress revealed to the crowd at the ELLE Women in Hollywood celebration on Monday night that she’s recently lost two other special family members as well: dogs Poppy and Ruby.

“It’s been a crappy few weeks,” she said. “My dad died and both of my dogs died, so I don’t feel like being nice!”

Sandra Bullock had dreamt of being given away by her father when she marries the love of her life — photographer Bryan Randall — but the 93-year-old family patriarch’s tragic death turned that dream to ash.

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Sandra Bullock touched on the difficult past month she’s endured when introducing Sarah Paulson at the 25th ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration on Monday, October 15.

“I was going to write a nice speech about all the things I like about Sarah Paulson. Sarah Catharine Paulson, she likes when you use her middle name, or Powell-son, as my 5-year-old calls her,” Bullock, 54, began.

“But it’s been a crappy few weeks. My dad died, both of my dogs died. You turn on the television or computer and it’s endless tragedies and it seems like more than ever now if you have a vagina, you have to be a fighter as well. So I don’t feel nice. So I decided tonight I’m going to talk about all the things I don’t like about Sarah.”

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Poppy and Ruby were both extra-special dogs: Ruby had just two legs, Poppy three. Bullock adopted Poppy, a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix who had lost a leg in a car accident, with ex-husband Jesse James from the Best Buddies Rescue in Long Beach, California.

Bullock’s father, John W. Bullock, died last month. According to a recent report from Star magazine, the 93-year-old had been bedridden for months at his home in Birmingham, AL.


“Sandy absolutely worships her daddy and wants to be there for him in his twilight years,” a source previously revealed.

After Sandra’s mom, Helga Meyer, sadly passed away from colon cancer 18 years ago, the actress knew how important it was to be there for her dad.

Helga, a German opera singer, met John while he was heading the U.S. Army’s Military Postal Service in Europe.

They moved to Virginia, where Sandra was born. But later, the family, including sister Gesine, moved back overseas.

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After breaking into Hollywood, Sandra dated Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling and others before walking down the aisle at age 40 with Jesse James. But the marriage crashed five years later when the tattooed biker was caught cheating.

A harrowing stalker experience, topped off when a obsessed fan broke into her home in 2014 and killed himself, further eroded her trust in men.

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But, fortunately, everything would change for the better when Sandra met Bryan. She hired him as a photographer for her adopted son Louis’ birthday party in 2015.

The two started dated that same summer and, ever since, Bryan has grown super close to Louis and his adopted sister, Laila.

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”Bryan has fully stepped up and embraced the dad role. He is 100 percent there for Louis and Laila and wonderful with them in every way. Sandy feels incredibly fortunate and blessed that she is sharing the parenting journey with Bryan,” a source told UsWeekly in November.

Her boyfriend has been a constant source of support for her since the tragedy.

”She was praying her father would stay alive long enough for her big day with Bryan”, said the source. “Now that her dad’s passed on, she’s devastated. But she believes that John will be smiling down on her and her family – from heaven!”

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We’re so sorry for the lost of your dad and your puppies. May they all Rest in Peace. We’re sending prayers for you and your family!