Schoolboys spot suicidal man about to jump; they grab hold of him and refuse to let go

When three boys from the U.K were walking their usual route home from school they didn’t expect to witness the horror they encountered on September 21, 2017.

But what these young teenage boys did in response was something they should all be proud of and a great example to us all.


The three boys Devonte Cafferkey, 13, Sammy Farah, 14, and Shawn Young, 12 were on their way back from school when they were stopped in their tracks by a harrowing scene.

This Morning, ITV

The students noticed a man standing on the edge of an overpass who looked visibly distraught. He had a rope around his neck and was  about to jump to his death.

Instead of panicking the quick-thinking trio immediately stepped into action and started talking to the troubled man. When he went to jump, they grabbed onto him, refusing to let go. Shawn calmly called for help and two passersby came to their aid.

One of the passersby Joanne Stammers (pictured below) quickly saw what needed to be done and took Shawn’s place holding onto the man so Shawn could get emergency services to the scene as quickly as possible.

Despite the fact Joanna has a disability that makes her prone to blood clots and the bruises it left all over her arms, Joanne tried with all her might to keep the man from falling. And she had no idea at the time that the man was passing out and getting heavier and heavier for the boys as the seconds ticked by.

While crying and wiping his eyes, the suicidal man passed the boys his cell phone and said, “If it rings, don’t answer it.”

Another man, James Higlett, did his part in saving the man’s life. All five received awards from the Royal Humane Society, a charity promoting life-saving intervention.

Watch the video below to find out more about these boys’ heroic act.

These three boys so deserve the honor they received. Their maturity and bravery meant a man’s life was saved that day. Please share this story as a wonderful example to us all.