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Seriously ill girl has her greatest wish fulfilled – “marries” her best friend

Getting married one day is many young girls’ dream. Unfortunately, not all of them get to experience that special day. 5-year-old Sophia Elyssa Chiappalon from Conneticut has a life threatening heart problem that means her days are numbered. Her greatest wish was to marry her best friend, which she was able to do days before she had a serious operation.

Five year old Sophia Elyssa Chiappalon has undergone several surgeries and two heart operations in her short life. She will soon undergone a life threatening third operation, reports Fox News. Since Sophia has no time to lose, her parents wanted to do something special for her before her operation.

Hired a wedding photographer

Because Sophia dreamed of marrying her best friend Hunter, their parents came to an agreement – they would throw a small wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place in a playground on October 23rd, and to capture the special day, the “groom’s” mom hired photographer Marisa Balletti Lavoie.

Sassy Mouth Photography

“The whole world should hear this story”

The photographer was so taken with the love story and little Sophia’s plight that she published the photos on Facebook:

She met her best friend and love of her life at three years old. It’s always said that you should marry your best friend, but it usually doesn’t happen before first grade. I think the whole world should hear this story.”

Sassy Mouth Photography

You can see how happy she is.

Sassy Mouth Photography

The photographer shared these photos because she thinkgs the whole world should hear Sophia’s story, and I agree. This shows how pure and strong love can be and how much happiness it can bring. Please share to spread the message.

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