If you see a bottle like this thrown in your front yard – keep away and warn others immediately

A new method of manufacturing methamphetamine has caught the attention of the authorities in several states across the United States.

The new way to make meth is called “shake and bake” or “one-pot.”

Today, cooks just need are a few ingredients and a plastic soda bottle to make the white crystalline drug.

These life-threatening and explosive bottles are now increasing at a “staggering rate,” according to police.

Unfortunately, it also seems that these bottles are being dumped near innocent people’s homes.



In the past, producing meth usually required a lot of equipment and time.

The cooking was a big process and often created strong odors – making the labs difficult to hide and often sparked explosions.

But just as everything else in society has developed, drug production has also found new ways to increase efficiency.

Drug lords are now using a new method called “shake and bake,” where the meth is produced in a simple bottle.

A few pills are combined with common but harmful household chemicals, producing enough meth for the user to get a few hits.

St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office

This way of producing the drug is in no way safer than the old meth labs. It’s still a “volatile liquid” and “highly explosive.”

For example, if the bottle is shaken the wrong way, or oxygen gets inside, the bottle can explode.

In other words, it doesn’t take very much for a disaster to occur.

Another worrying circumstance is that the discarded and dangerous bottles used in the process are being left among the public.

They are often tossed out of a window and police have found these type of bottles in yards, parking lots, ditches, and inside dumpsters.

Parents please read this. Last night I pulled into my driveway to see a bottle thrown in my front yard. I was going to…

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Even the discarded bottles carry the potential of exploding, as the chemical gasses build up inside.

Since the mixture in the bottle can catch fire and explode when exposed to oxygen, even unscrewing the cap to see what’s inside can potentially be life-threatening.

Many police officers around the country are now warning citizens to stay away if they see a suspicious bottle.

Police: “Don’t touch them!”

In May, police in New Hampshire and the Drug Enforcement Agency sound the alarm, according to The Boston Globe.

They warned residents that plastic bottles discarded by the side of the road may have been used as miniature meth labs.

“Those who see them should not touch them or remove the cap, as this can let oxygen into the bottle and cause a reaction”, Keene, N.H. police said in a Facebook post.

Police encourage anyone who finds these bottles not to touch them, but to call their local authorities.

Brookline police said, “With roadside and property cleanups in full swing, the dangers of meth exposure, as well as the risk of explosion and fire, are real and cannot be taken lightly or ignored.”

METH LAB WARNING! Discarded plastic bottles with unidentified contents should not, under any circumstances, be…

Gepostet von Brookline NH Police am Montag, 6. Mai 2019

I just hate the thought of some kid picking up something as dangerous as this. Makes me sick what these bastards are doing just tossing stuff away this!

Springtime and early summer means clean up time around my neighborhood, many children are also out there and exploring nature.

So please share this vital warning with all your friends, your children and those who may not have access to this information.