Ship builder designs sculptures that double as bathtubs – the stunning results are being shared all over

For those of us who are bath lovers, size and the shape really do matter, but what about the appearance of the bath?

An artist working in Seattle believes a bathtub can double as an art piece and his creations are causing waves on the internet.

He has combined his knowledge of woodwork and building to create these beautiful bathtubs and better still, they’re eco-friendly.



Source: Pinterest/NK Woodworking

Nathie Katzoff chose wood not just for its beauty but also its durability.

“It is not petroleum-based, casted, or a refined product that involves massive amounts of energy to create. Wood comes from the Earth, and if it is harvested and treated appropriately, it will last to forever,” he said, according to Shareably.

‘Beautiful and timeless pieces’

“We use FSC-certified hardwoods and have done lots of recycling and reclaiming of local trees for much of our work,” he adds.

“At the end of the day, beautiful and timeless pieces are the most sustainable, because when they go out of style, they don’t end up in a waste pile.”

Seattle Refined

Not only do they look like stunning sculptures but also function as bathtubs. The wood is treated to ensure it can withstand lots and lots of water.

The talented artist combined his love of wood with his sailing adventures and forged a career in boat building.

Stunning results


But now he is building custom furniture full-time at his company in Seattle.

Nathie’s first project was to design a staircase for a friend, and the result, as you can see below, was stunning.

Source: Pinterest/NK Woodworking

The project was so successful, he was approached by more and more people wanting something stylish for their home. This led him to create designer bathtubs.

“We build each piece with the presumption that it will be a permanent part of the home it is commissioned for,” he says. “Like many designers and artists, we strive to create timeless pieces.”

These custom-made beautiful bathtubs start at around $30,000.

Source: Pinterest/NK Woodworking

I want one! Such beautiful designs using a material I would never have believed you could use to make a bathtub if I hadn’t seen these images.

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