Simon gasps when 90-year-old woman starts dancing – her next move makes the crowd go crazy

Today, it has become common to hide our age as if it’s something to be ashamed of. And then there’s those people that put age limitations of certain things, implying that past a certain age we’re too old for the fun things in life.

Well someone who is breaking through both of these barriers is a wonderful lady called Dorothy Williams, who at the grand age of 90 has a great lesson for us all.

She appeared on “America’s Got Talent” and surprised everybody with her act. By the end of her amazing performance she had won everyone over and got a response that left her open-mouthed.


Some people simply want to live their lives, regardless of age, which is so inspiring! Dorothy Williams got up on stage and proudly told everyone her age and then announced that she was going to dance.

Sense of humor

Dorothy, originally from Hawaii, wanted to show that, despite her age, she could dance and have so much fun doing it!

On stage, in front of Simon Cowell, the rest of the jury and a packed crowd, she gets ready to perform. Then the song “The Stripper” originally composed by David Rose and his orchestra, starts playing and the whole crowd is left open-mouthed.

But Dorothy starts doing her strip tease confidently and in such a fun way. Despite the reaction, her amazing self-esteem and sense of humor wins everyone over.

As Simon covers his eyes and Mel B looks shocked, Dorothy continues flaunting her amazing physique, and tassels!

Golden buzzer

Then as everyone seemed to get over their initial shock and nervous laughter, Dorothy’s dance steps prompted the audience to explode completely, they loved her dance routine.

Simon and fellow judge Heidi Klum give her a standing ovation and host Nick Cannon arrives on stage to deliver some shocking news.

As the judges had already used their golden buzzers, he decided that Dorothy deserved it and pressed the buzzer himself!

She got showered in gold glitter as the audience clapped and cheered for this inspirational woman.

Dorothy is proof that age is just a number!  See her amazing performance in the video below!

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