Single mom adopts a sibling for her son – when she realizes whose child it is, she’s stunned

When Katie Price’s marriage ended, she was just 30 but instead of wallowing, she saw it as a chance to start a whole new exciting chapter in her life.

She moved into a new home in Colorado, switched careers, and decided to look into fostering.

In 2016 Katie was contacted by a caseworker about a four-day old boy who had been left at a hospital. He had no name, so Katie called him Grayson.

Katie had him for 11 months when a court terminated the biological parents’ right to claim him, and Katie was able to officially call herself Grayson’s mom.

But fate would bring another baby into her arms sooner than she expected, a baby that would change her and her son’s life in so many ways.

Katie really enjoyed being a mom, and soon decided she was anxious to add to her family so decided that after two years she would look into adopting a sibling for Grayson.

But just one month later, Katie got a call from another caseworker about a newborn baby girl that had been left at the same hospital as Grayson.

Just hours later, baby Hannah was home with Katie and Grayson.

But it wasn’t until she looked at Hannah’s hospital bracelet that she noticed the name of the mom was the same as that of Grayson’s and started to wonder.

After looking at Hannah’s casefiles and running a DNA test she discovered that Grayson and Hannah had the same biological mom, they were half siblings.

Now they are able to grow up together thanks to super mama Katie.

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