Someone chained dog up for 10 years – but now watch when this animal hero sets him free

It never ceases to surprise and upset me how some people treat our four-legged friends.

But I still believe that light will always win over the dark – as long as the good guys get together and show that all animals deserve to be treated with respect, love and warmth.

When these animal heroes saw how their evil neighbor was keeping his dog chained up all day they asked him to stop, but the man continued.

The poor dog stayed chained up in the yard for over 10 years – regardless of weather conditions.

She had no blanket, toy or bone. The owner gave her some water and food – but it was far from enough.

Eventually, the neighbors had enough – and decided to act.

The neighbors made calls to various animal rights organisations to seek help. But the reponses were far from helpful.

At one point, the neighbors even considered breaking into the man’s yard and saving the dog, who was called “Judas”. However since that would be against the law, the plan was scrapped.

Luckily, animal rights organisation Animal Advocates eventually got in touch. They had heard about the neglected dog and went straight to the yard.

They were met by their worst nightmare.

When they saw how poor Judas was suffering, the organisation wasted no time in rescuing her.

She was given a warm bed, lots of love, food and a much needed visit to the vet. They also decided that the dog should be renamed Judith to mark her fresh start.

After a while, Judith got a new and loving owner! Thankfully, this story had a happy ending!

Anyone who would chain up an animal shouldn’t be allowed to own a pet. Share this film if you agree!

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