5-year-old charms everyone when she enters stage – now watch Simons eyes when she takes on Sinatra classic

Sophie Fatu. There’s a name to remember.

The 5-year-old girl did an audition America’s Got Talent that has gone viral and over 2 million people have watched the clip in just a few days.

You’ll understand why when she opens her mouth…

Most contestants are a bit nervous when stepping up on the stage. It’s the moment of truth and with only one and a half minute to impress the judges, the stakes are high.

That doesn’t seem to bother 5-year-old Sophie. At all.
She looks like a person that is born to entertain.

Photo: Youtube.

Charms Simon completely

The judges doesn’t even know how to react when Sophie starts talking. She notes that the arena seems to filled up and at the same time she takes the oppurtunity to charm Simon Cowell.
“My favourite judge is Simon”, she says.

Of course, Mr Cowell melts completely when hearing the young girl. After the introduction it’s time for Sophie to start singing.
I don’t want to give away too much – but I don’t think anyone watching left the arena without being completely stunned by this wonderkid.

Here’s Sophie performing Sinatras immortal classic… Enjoy!

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